Bellingham, Washington – City of Subdued Excitement

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Bellingham, Washington is known as the City of Subdued Excitement – which seems to be an ironic name for a city overflowing with exhilarating events and amazing attraction sites. There are about nine events held annually that attract people from all over the globe. These include:

  1. Ski to Sea race
    • A 7-leg relay race involving a team that will start from the Mount Baker Ski Area down to Bellingham Bay.
  2. Bellingham Festival of Music
    • A celebration involving chamber and orchestral concerts
  3. Bellingham Pride, Bellingham Highland Games and Scottish Festival
    • An annual two-day event held every year to commemorate Scottish heritage and culture. There would be dancing, food and music, and even sports.
  4. Bellingham Wig Out
    • Bellingham's unique way of welcoming spring although unnecessary. There is a series of events held like the Wig Walk, the Wig Promenade, the Wig Competition and finally the Wig-Out Party.
  5. Coronation and Bellingham Gay Pageant
    • A fund-raising activity by the Imperial Sovereign Court of the Evergreen Empire for scholarships.

Aside from these events, the city's local attractions are also a definite must-see. There are a number of museums that will give information about the city's history. There is also the Farmer's Market that sells Bellingham's finest products that are also absolutely fresh and affordable. Lakes in the area also attract the people for activities such as swimming and fishing. Whale watching is also popular in the waters of Puget Sound and Georgia Strait. The local theater also appeals to the people. Among the distinguished theaters in the area includes Northwest Ballet, Upfront Theater, Bellingham Theater Guild and Historic Mount Baker Theater.

Apart from the local attractions and the festivals, Bellingham residents also engage in a number of sports like snowboarding and skiing during the winter and cycling and kayaking in summer. However, in contrast to the exciting events and inviting places in the city, Bellingham is famous for the Peace Vigil that is the longest-running in the country. This Vigil started about 4 decades ago and is still ongoing nowdays. The International Day of Peace is also celebrated here and is one of the events in this city attended by hundreds of people from other parts of the country which explains the nickname of this city.

Bellingham, home to 75, 150 residents, is a city that advocate for World Peace but still entertains people with exciting and yet purposeful events everyone will surely love.

Source by Dana P. Thornton


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