Fall Lawn Thatching in Seattle Bothell Mill Creek and Everett

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Fall thatching is one of the best practices a homeowner can perform for the health and appearance of their lawn. When a lawn is thatched in the Fall, maximum amounts of undesirable material is removed with minimal effort.

The thatch will be all light and fluffy and easy to remove with my thatching machine. It is easy to rake up afterwards. Unlike in the Spring when the thatch is wet and heavy, and a lawn may take 2 months to repair with constant attention due to heavy moisture and low temperatures.

The best time in Fall to thatch a healthy lawn is the first week of September.

The lawn is sometimes made like new by following these steps:

  1. Thatch in early September, then cut your lawn low.
  2. About September 15th, aerate, seed, and fertilize your lawn.
  3. Start watering. This gives your new seedling two weeks to germinate.

By October 1st, your new seedlings have germinated and have all month to mature and develop a healthy root system.

The best way to insure you have a healthy lawn in Spring is to properly prepare your lawn for Winter. By thatching, seeding, aerating and fertilizing in Fall, your lawn is able to resist winter moss, water damage and craneflies.

To help improve clay or tired soil, many homeowners follow my suggestion of applying a thin layer of fine mulch after aerating, seeding and fertilizing.

Mulch helps protect the seed before germination. The main benefit of mulch is long term. Mulch breaks down and encourages worms and adds nutrients and organic material to your soil.

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