Finding Suitable Floor Speakers

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Whether you're looking to upgrade your current speakers or just venturing into the world of home theater systems, floor speakers are a good starting point. Floor speakers are indeed a must-have for any top of the line home theater system. It is common knowledge that speakers that come in large cheap sets of surround sound systems are of lesser quality than individually purchased ones – but how do you know which ones are the best for your audio needs?

A 2 way speaker typically has a woofer and tweeter to it. These are for handling the low and high frequencies. However, a 3 way speaker typically has a dedicated midrange driver as well. Deciding which is right for you depends highly on your budget. Generally a 3 way speaker is of better quality, but budget constants can play a large role in deciding what is best for you.

Floor speakers are a must for any home theater system. The primary disadvantage to floor speakers is their bulky size, whereas their sound is of the utmost quality. When you think of these speakers you think of sound that reverberates through the room. The characteristic rumbles that shake the room and explosions felt in a large action movie typically stem from quality floor speakers.

If you want to bring shame to your friends 'and neighbors' home theater system you will want to make sure you get something that can handle the most watts and has the best quality of sound. People have developed their own opinions insofar as which is the best brands to purchase, but instead of brand you should first focus on the specifications of what kinds of signal the speakers can handle.

For your speakers you will want to make sure you have a surround sound receiver of the utmost quality. Many DVD players have integrated surround sound outputs. But you should consider that optical inputs from a DVD or Blu-ray player can make a fundamental difference in sound quality. This is especially important if you're using HDMI for your video and want to have your audio going into a different device than your video.

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