Here is a Very Easy Meditation For Men

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Meditation is NOT About Thinking of Nothing! The average guy I meet would rather go shoe shopping with his wife or girlfriend before he would consider trying to sit still, 'clear his mind' and 'think of nothing'. Thinking of nothing is an oxymoron anyway. Men do not normally do that sort of thing. So, if you're a guy reading this and you're interested in giving it a go, then here is an easy way to try meditation.

Yes, you need to be alone and find a quiet place to sit for about 3-5 minutes. Sit down if possible and get comfortable. There is no need to do leg-folding gymnastics on the floor to get started.

Close your eyes and breathe in slowly through your nose until you can not expand your lungs any further, then release the breath and listen to the air rush out of through your nose. Push the air out of your lungs until you can not push out any further. Breathe in slowly again, drawing the air high up in your lungs, and listen to your lungs expanding as they fill with air. Try to breath upwards slowly, expanding the diaphragm up instead of pushing the chest out.

It is a different way of breathing and it does take practice.

Reverse the process and release the breath out through your nose by compressing the diaphragm downwards, not by blowing the air out through your mouth. You should notice quite a bit of noise going on within your nasal cavity and lungs.

Do this twelve times, but only focus your attention on the sound of the air coming into and being released from your lungs. Do not think at all, just listen. If a thought attempts to enter the sound barrier you're focusing on, simply push it away and refocus on the sound. Surround yourself with the sound.

After releasing the twelfth inhalation, slowly open your eyes and be aware of whatever might pop into your mind. You could experience awareness or you might experience dizziness.

If nothing happens, who cares? The physical act of deep breathing just made you healthy!

This is a very basic form of meditation which is easy and does not require years of transcendental training …. And it works!
You'll find yourself wanting to do it more and more once your lungs have become used to being expanded.

It may even hurt at first to stretch your lungs and chest upward, but after several breathing sessions you'll definitely feel the effect of the increased flow of oxygen and the release of excess carbon dioxide. Who knows? After doing this a few times, you might even find opportunities for much more powerful thinking and personal development!

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