Illegal Immigration and Prevailing Law – The Correct Numbers Reveal a Startling Nexus

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There is something interestingly confusing about the connection between the ongoing tide of illegal Hispanic immigration and the natural born citizen law (if you are born within the United States, you are automatically a citizen), that all of the sensational television and radio pundits, both liberal and conservative, are not indicating and deliberating in the interest of the American public and good government. This prevailing undeclared nexus is, simply, that they go hand-in-hand, that the federal law stipulating that, regardless of the status of parentage, anyone born within the US is an immediate citizen is a strong inducement and incentive for continued illegal immigration .

"Washington Examiner" columnist, Steve Chapman's commentary on Wednesday, January 2, 2010, is an excellent example of a, supposedly, bright knowledgeable pundit deliberately not getting to the heart of a salient social problem, and law enforcement issue, due to the effect of political forces still underlining truth and logic. Chapman's statement that, "Xenophobes might fear that expanding legal immigration would produce a big jump in the foreign-born population." That's entirely because in this realm, the paradoxical most often prevails, "was hardly a cogent reflection of current demographic reality. Nonetheless, I am pretty much assured that quite a few of the voting-age citizen population, those in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and others who frequent the Internet, were attracted to Chapman's message, and swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker . Unfortunately most of these federal, state, and local voters who read Chapman, and other commentators like him, on a daily, or weekly, basis do not really understand the social science underlining their assertions and postulations, especially that of mathematical population studies, known as demographics.

It is not a well published fact that demographics, the statistical social science dealing exclusively with population analysis, is not normally taught in American high schools unless it is clearly stated by teachers in electric AP statistics courses. Even then, very little heuristic application of the science's mathematical processes is taught to those aspiring high school students. An individual must go on to university study in the field of applied statistics or pursue the specialized study of demographics in order to understand and use the formulaic mathematical science. A PhD degree-level political scientist is not even required to successfully complete a graduate, or undergraduate, course in demographics or applied statistics in order to qualify for the advanced degree. Because of the foregoing facts, probably less than 15 percent of the US population understands demographics well enough to know whether a political commentator is telling them the truth about a socio-political population projection or analysis. The talking heads who regularly present news and commentary about social and political issues on CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, public television, and in the news, do not usually know the first thing about demographic computations. While they talk like they know about the facts and figures underlining their representations, they are, in most cases, merely reading scripts prepared by someone else, which knowledge of demographics might actually be quite dubious.

As the facts currently reflect, most Hispanic women south of the US border, literate and not, fully realize that if they are pregnant when they illegally immigrate into the United States, and selectively deliver their children on American soil, their newborn sons and / or daughters are instantly US citizens, under current federal law. For two very basic reasons, these women, in almost every case, have planned or conspired with their husbands (or with the men who have impregnated them) to have their children born in the United States. The first reason, is that, as previously mentioned, the federal natural born citizen law currently provides that "anyone" born on American soil, regardless of parentage, is an American citizen, and the second very important reason is that US Immigration Law Judges ( many of them Hispanic) are infamously sympathetic to illegal alien mothers who have their children on American soil, and usually allow these women (and frequently their husbands) to remain in the United States with their citizen children when they are apprehended and charged with the crime of illegal immigration.

Historically, there have been almost equal numbers of Hispanic male and female illegal aliens flowing into the United States at various times during the last 45 years. A cogent demographic study of this human tide across the southern US border has revealed that approximately 80 percent of the women who sneak across the border are 45 years of age, or youngger, and are pregnant, either at the time they cross into the US , or within six months of their illicit entry. Currently, there are between 13 and 15 million illegal aliens residing under false identity within the fifty US states Of this number, there are approximately 7.2 million Hispanic females, married and unmarried, who are producing children at a rate of approximately 3.5 per woman. What this means demographically is that, of the 365,000 illegal aliens who supposedly sneak across the border on a yearly basis, 182,500 are women, and 85 percent of these women, or 155,000 of them, are either, pregnant at the time they enter the US and will, each, subsequently produce a certain number of children within 9 months of their entry, or will become pregnant sometimes after they illegally immigrate and, over time, have 3-4 children per woman. This means that over a ten-year period, 155,000 illegal Hispanic females (x 10), or 1,550,000 females, have the probability of producing 5,425,000 children who will be considered under federal law as natural born citizens.

One does not have to possess the symptoms of Xenophobia (fear of the unknown) to appreciate the evident demographic fact that the Hispanic populations in the US Border States have increased, and are still increasing, at a much greater rate than the black and white populations . A reasonable person aware of the current facts will realize, after studying the figures, that the white birth rate has been less than 2.0 children / per-married couple (man and woman) for numerous decades. White couples and black couples are consciously choosing to have way fewer children than Hispanic couples. And, as I've already described, the children born to a steadily rising number of Hispanic illegal aliens in the US are dramatically increasing the already burgeoning US Hispanic population. The only racial / ethnic minority in the US that is actually multiplying faster than the Hispanic birth rate is the smaller Middle-Eastern Muslim community. Their birthrate is 4+ per Muslim woman. As early as 1985, valid demographers predicted an inordinate rise in Hispanic population (due primarily to illegal immigration and increased birth rate), and a correlation increase in Hispanic political clout, around the United States, especially in the border states of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California. The long-term effect of illegal Hispanic immigration into the US, if viewed demographically, is fearfully staggering. The aforementioned nexus between the federal law that invokes US citizenship on anyone born in the United States, regardless of parentage, and illegal immigration is clearly evident if the reasonable person will objectively consider the prevailing facts.

Illegal immigration across a US border, construed as a federal misdemeanor on a first attempt, usually involves the commission of another common crime, the likes of which can transform an ordinary misdemeanor, such as common shoplifting, into a felony. That particular crime denoted in the US Code, which involves the necessary elements of intent, and a planning process between two-or-more perpetrators, is conspiracy to commit the object crime. Take, for instance, a person who goes shopping with money in his pocket to actually buy something from a department store. While in the store, the individual sees a small bottle of expensive perfume and, on examining it, has the impulse to furtively drop the merchandise into a coat pocket and to completely walk out of the store without paying for other items purchased properly. If apprehended and arrested for shoplifting the bottle of perfume, that particular perpetrator would only be culpable of a misdemeanor, that is, if the individual is a first-time offender and has no criminal history of shoplifting. If, however, the person has a long history of shoplifting, and has three or more convictions for the crime, some states may presume intent and impose a recidivism (habitual criminal) statute theby charging the perpetrator with the felony of burglary. How does this cogently relate to illegal immigration?

In most cases of Hispanics, from Mexico, Central America, and South America, seeking to illegally migrate into the US across the southern border, it usually does not involve an instant impulsive prior to the commission of the crime. Firm intention in the minds of the perpetrators to unlawfully immigrate, and a period of conspiratorial planning between the perpetrators and, typically, a third party, ordinarily involving transfers of money for illegal transport services, are, both, usually present prior to the commission of the crime. Like the person who might plan to enter a store with the intent of stealing merchandise, the Hispanic who intricately plans to steal across the US border undetected is guilty of much more than a misdemeanor. That person is guilty of, both, conspiracy to illegally immigrate and illegal immigration, constituting two felonies. As I have written before concerning the prosecution of law-abiding US citizens, especially investigative journalists, who have dared enter, or trespass onto, restricted federal compounds to discover government / military cover-ups, the federal government finds, for some reason, great delight in throwing the book at such perpetrators. Even the person who wants a federal job so badly that he or she, gets false credentials in order to get hired inside a military, or other federal, installation, will end-up facing certain federal felony charges if ever apprehended and arrested. But the conspiring illegal alien trespasser, the interloper who sneaks across a US border, and should merit certain penalties for doing so, only faces, in most instances, a federal misdemeanor charge.

By changing the current federal natural born citizen law to read that "only the children born, within the United States, to parents, or unmarried women, who are citizens of the United States, or who have a legal right to be in the United States by nature of a current work visa (Green Card), and not by diplomatic or tourist status, may be considered as natural born citizens and be given the freedoms and freedoms afforded to persons by virtue of US citizenship, "the number of illegal aliens within the United States would begin to read, and steadily, decrease. Such a change in federal immigration law would, by necessity, be binding on the children of all undeclared illegal aliens present in the country. If not, the enforcement of a revised law would be negligible in effect. To allow the millions of illegal alien parents, present in the US, to continue producing offspring who, by virtue of an unreasonable federal law, are automatically American citizens, is certainly a shameful miscarriage of justice, especially in the face of thousands of law- abiding Hispanics who are seeking, each year, to immigrate legally in order to pursue naturalization and US citizenship.

Source by Norton Nowlin


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