Mark Sheeks Sets Two Records in the 2008 Port Angeles (WA) Senior Games

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Mark Sheeks of Woodinville (WA) set two records while actually running away from all competition at the 2008 Port Angeles (WA) Senior Games Sunday (9-21-08).

Sheeks breezed through the 800-meter run in 2: 23.7 and the 400 in 61.66. He then came back to easily win the 1500 in 6: 01.5 while jogging until bringing it home in the last quarter.

Both the 400 and 800 times by Sheeks broke his own 2005 records of 69.6 in the 400 and 2: 35.7 in the 800. Sheeks also set the current 1500 mark with a very fast 5: 00.5 in 2005. Sheeks, one of the premier senior runners in Western Washington, runs in the 50-54 age group.

Ed Bagley (60-64 age group) of Lacey (WA) dominated the sprints by winning the 100, 200 and 400 and being runner-up in the 50.

Other notable performances:

Roger Vergin (70-74) of Poulsbo (WA) won the 50 (8.3), 100 (15.96) and 400. John Heilman (50-54) of Port Angeles won the 50 (7.6) and 200 (32.49) and was runner -up in the 100. Edward Diaz (50-54) of Seattle won the 100 in 14.8, and was runner-up in the 50 and 200. David Summers (65-69) of Seattle won the 50 (8.66) and 100 ( 16.1). Ruggles Larson (70-74) of Tacoma won the 200 and was runner-up in the 50, 100 and 400.

Janice Le Ber (50-54) of Port Angeles (50-54) ran an outstanding 1500 to win in 6:30. Edythe Hulet (70-74) of Rochester (WA), who was uncontested, won the 50, 100, 200 and 400 while showing competitiveness and endurance at 70+ years young.

The track venue was originally scheduled for action at Port Angeles High School but a remodel project was not yet completed so the Crescent High School track in Joyce (WA) was used.

More than 250 athletes from Washington, Oregon and British Columbia, Canada competed in 15 events during the 2008 Port Angeles Senior Games, which continues to grow in its 4th year of competition.

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