Micro Economics-Intellectual Property and US-Chinese Relations Considered

November 13, 2017   /   byPuget Sound Life  / Categories :  Puget Sound General

How can some cities compete in World Markets when they price themselves out of the market due to local microeconomics, which drive costs sky-high? Take for instance Silicon Valley and the costs to do business there and the World Market they compete in to sell their software and technology.

Having sold franchises in Silicon Valley, which operated at all the major Corporations there for years, we had to pay $ 10.00 hour for starting car washers. Hamburgers were highest in the nation there, remember Big Macs are used by International Monetary Fund as a gauge of inflation and economy. The going price for anything should be settled by free-markets of course. On top of this Silicon Valley companies have huge theft issues with intellectual capital

So if the Chinese wish to design and build better computers then DO IT, but do not steal it. If people want the products, services and technology from Silicon Valley then they will buy them and if not they will not? No one is forcing anyone to buy a computer from Silicon Valley. In fact some MIT folks as you know are making $ 100 computers for third worlds and emerging markets. It is a free-market and a free market it should remain.

Some say that the Chinese could simply buy Silicon Valley if they wanted that market in computers, why steal the technology? Regarding buying Silicon Valley? Well that is what the Japanese Corporations basically did previously with MIT Media Labs and also put in car manufacturing in the US in Marysville, OH, San Marcos, TX and many places in Alabama.

That is what the US Corporations have done in China in order to ditch the outrageous over regulations, union attacks, labor costs and lawsuits. Outsource and off-shore. But none of that is stealing. And high prices can not justify theft. If you do not like the price do not buy it and then produce it yourself, help the de-regulation process, buy stock in said company, go without or buy from a competitor then. Anyway all this is food for thought and lots of opinion, you make the call and consider it all.

Source by Lance Winslow


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