Mother Daughter Retreat – Take the First Step in Creating a Nurturing Relationship

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A mother daughter retreat is a great opportunity to open new doorways in your life. This primary relationship is a pivotal point for all your relationships. By understanding your matriarchal lineage through the family patterns, social environment, and conditioning, you can take a giant leap forward. This retreat offers a safe environment to create a healthy relationship with your mother and/or daughter and rejuvenate yourself in a beautiful retreat setting. Give yourself the time to do some inner work while having time to relax and be quiet.

Benefits Here are a few of the many benefits of a good mother daughter retreat:

  1. Create a better understanding of yourself and your relationship.
  2. Have deeper compassion for each other.
  3. Improve your communication skills.
  4. Move beyond unresolved feelings.
  5. Discover the deep love bond you share.
  6. Define your role in the relationship.
  7. Express your love genuinely with each other.

Choosing the Best Retreat for You There are several things to consider when deciding which mother daughter retreat you want to invest your time and money into and which one is going to give you the results you are looking for.

  1. Location- Do you like the location? If you are going to invest your time and money in a retreat, make sure it is a place that appeals to your traveling spirit. Is it a beautiful setting? Does this destination give you the environment you want? If you have always wanted to go to Hawaii then you would not want to choose a retreat in Florida.
  2. Facilitator- Does the person(s) leading the retreat resonate with you and your mother/daughter? Find out her background, experience, and goals for the retreat. Is she heart-felt, centered, and focused. Is she able to assist you without being intrusive? How does she express herself to you over the phone or in writing? Is she able to give you the results you want? Be sure to ask all the questions that will help you make the best decision.
  3. Retreat- What will you do in the retreat? How much time do you have for yourself and how much free time will you have. It is important to have time to unwind, reflect, and be quiet as well as create a new space in your relationship. This is your mother daughter retreat. Make sure you can have what you need. I think the best retreats offer you time together and time alone every day.
  4. Length of time- Most retreats are either 3, 7, or 10 days. Each time frame has significance. A 3-day retreat is a great beginning to have a taste of the facilitator, the place, and time alone with your mother and/or daughter. The 7-day retreat offers a good time frame because it creates more opportunity for deepening the relationship but still allow you some time to travel around on your own, before or after the retreat. The 10-day retreat is for those mother-daughter teams who are committed to taking a deeper look within themselves and the relationship. It gives you much more time for healing hurt feelings and wounds of the past, and allows for a deeper, nurturing space to reveal itself. This in-depth retreat can give you an honest, strong, and more fulfilled relationship.

A mother daughter retreat can be a life-changing experience. It offers a great opportunity to heal the wounds of the past in a safe nurturing environment. Everyone attending is there for similar reasons and each of us can learn a lot from one another. It is always amazing how the perfect people come together to help each other become a better person. Mother daughter retreats are a great way to build inner strength, gain clarity and create a life that is very rich and rewarding. Take time to nurture yourself today, and find a mother daughter retreat that will honor your life journey. The time is now to untie the knots of this primary relationship and create a beautiful life today.

Source by Kellyna Kaleolani Campbell


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