Roman Gabriel – The Very Best Rams Quarterback Of All Time

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The Rams franchise has a long and interesting history that includes times based in Cleveland and Los Angeles before relocating a third time to the city of St. Louis. Louis in the mid 1990's. Throughout the years, the Rams have had some great players hit the field in a number of different positions, but particularly at quarterback. Who though has been the best Rams quarterback of all time?

Roman Gabriel played for the Rams from 1962 to 1972 during their time in the city of Los Angeles. Through the 2010 season, he is still the team leader in passing attempts and passing touchdowns. He also has won more games as a starting quarterback for the Rams, a total of 74, than any other player playing that position too. There are quarterbacks that the team has had who completed more passes and thrown for more yards (Jim Everett and Marc Bulger), but with a higher career touchdown total and significantly more games won for the team, it is hard to argue that Roman Gabriel is not the best quarterback the Rams have ever had.

Other great Rams quarterbacks include:

Jim Everett
Everett has more passing yards than any other Rams quarterback in history.

Marc Bulger
Bulger has more completions than any other Rams quarterback in history.

Norm Van Brocklin
Van Brocklin is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Kurt Warner
Warner helped the team bring home the Super Bowl title just a few years after moving to St. Petersburg. Louis.

James Harris
In a short time with the team, Harris put up a 21-6 record for them in games that he started.

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