The Illusionary and Repressive Economic Status-Quo, Part II

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For democratic socialism to be successfully implemented as a viable economy in the US Constitutional republic, some serious changes would have to be made. First, and foremost, the organs and bureaucracies of the federal government, which were created in the early 20th Century for directly assisting and advancing the rise of rampant corporate capitalism, and for the establishment and maintenance of a financial caste system (where the rich just keep getting richer and poor poor) should, and would, be abolished. These organs would, or course, include the Federal Reserve System and Board, which would cease to exist with the repeal of the unconventional Federal Reserve Act. Further, all US governmental relations with the International Monetary Fund, the 'Council on Foreign Relations,' and the Tri-lateral Commission should also be severed. Congress would, then, be restored their constitutional authority of coining money and determining its value. Subsequently, the gold and silver standards would have been restored in order to return the value of the American dollar to an exchange index of 100 percent, based upon a national standard, not global. This would end the politically motivated inflation that has been created and manipulated by the Federal Reserve System, which has needlessly raised over the past fifty years the price of a consumable product, originally and intrinsically worth 5 cents to 90 cents, or to 1200 percent of its true value. The price of a loaf of bread would be reduced to around 50 cents and a gallon of fresh milk would again be under 1 dollar.

Contrary to capitalist belief, private enterprise would not end under democratic socialism. It would be encouraged with the caveat that social mindness should guide private investment and reinvestment. Needful laws would be passed which would tax corporations and companies, which derive their high profits directly from the hard work of their employees, at a high rate. This generated tax money would be used to maintain and promote the general welfare of all of the people working within the private sector and paying income tax. Federal tax laws would also include high penalties for corporations and companies which employ more than 2 percent of foreign nationalities, instead of American citizens. Moreover, exorbitant military spending to finance an imperialist military empire would cease, and the bills of tax dollars (millions under a gold / silver standard) which flow out of the country every month as current bribery to third-world nations, which only have contempt for the American republic, would stop. The money that would be available from such a cut-back in federal foreign aid would be used to expand what is now known as the US Veterans Healthcare System to include all citizens who pay income tax into federal government.

Currently, all honestly discharged US military veterans who are indigent may receive free medical care at medical centers under the control and inspections of the US Department of Veterans Affairs. There are well-staffed veterans' medical centers in almost every state. Some states have several such facilities. These medical centers continue to serve millions of veterans. A revamped system using the current VA Medical Centers, and 100 more such medical centers which would have been built and staffed within an expedited six year plan, would provide medical care to all working citizens men and women (and their children) who labor at least four months out of the year, and pay at least 200 dollars in income tax to the federal government at the end of each year. The building of these medical centers, and their staffing, would create thousands, if not millions of new healthcare jobs for doctors, nurses, medical technicians, and administrators; not to mention the tens of thousands of jobs which would be created for contractors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and other trades-people needed to build and maintain the facilities. Yet, the deployment of this system would not preclude medical doctors, osteopaths, psychiatrists, psychologists, or other medical specialists from privately hanging out their shingles and advertising for patients. Despite this opportunity for free enterprise, the federal taxing of the profits of these professionals would be much greater than is currently assessed. While the revamped Veterans healthcare system would serve any citizen not able to afford the services of a private healthcare professional, wealthy individuals and families would still be able to seek a physician of his or her choice. Yet, the pharmaceutical industry would have been nationally nationalized and taken away from capitalist privateers seeking gross profits for the few wealthy at the expense of the impoverished many who unfortunately need the produced drugs and medicines, but can not afford the prevailing prices. Drugs and medicines would be produced, and made available, under the auspices of the federal government to the masses at pennies on the dollar.

Under a system of democratic socialism, every natural mineral and animal resource derived directly from the land occupied by the United States, including the Oceans (such as natural gas, oil, coal, fish, etc) would also be nationalized and used prudently in accordance with anticipating environmental needs and constraints. In accordance with the philosophy which was held by Native Americans, long before the advent of the white European in North America, a restored idealism would have made public law, that what contained in, and on, the earth and oceans, is not any one person's, company's, or corporation's possession. It, rather, belongs to every citizen within the republic, jointly. Consequently, a social conscience would be required of all private individuals, companies, and corporations purchasing and using land for the purpose of private investment, in order for a common good to repay from their investments. An existing, excellent working example of such a social conscience is what the Federal Republic of Germany maintains in its federal land use law.

In order for the entire nation, the rich and the poor, to benefit from the work product of a united labor force, capitalism can not continue to provide, and ensure, exorbitant benefits for only the rich. Democratic socialism would ensure that every worthy citizen has the necessities of life in order to thrive in a democratic republic, in order to have a quality of life and the liberty to pursue a proper proportion of happiness. A truly great democratic nation's legacy is not written into history according to how many foreign nation-states it subjugates to its economic and social ideologies through super-power military and economic coercion; but, rather, how it provides for, and protects, its citizens within its national boundaries according to its constitutional mandates. Perhaps, if, ever, a unified homogeneous social conscience is achieved one day in the American republic, such a system as I have described would be absolutely feasible, and probable. The chance of it happening is, however, very slim.

Source by Norton Nowlin


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