The Italian Island Getaway of Capri

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Capri (pronounced Ca-pry and not capree with the emphasis on the "Ca"), the gracious host of many a vacation vacation, is a gem of an island located just off the Italian coast of Naples.

Capri is just four miles long and two miles wide. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, its glorious mountains look like magical creatures rising out of the sea. You will not need a car while visiting Capri because the island is serviced by a network of buses, taxis and funculars.

Capri may be small, but it is definitely the playground of the rich – movie stars, businessmen, luxury travelers and jetsetters. Capri is southern Italy's "it town", defeating Sardinia's Costa Smeralda.

While visiting Capri, you will see charming outdoor cafe's, shops, white-washed buildings, narrow thoroughfares, wrought-iron gates and a splendid array of flowers.

The best time to take your Capri vacation is in the spring when fragrant orange blossoms, jasmine and roses overtake the island. The gentle wind blowing in from the sea carries casts a crisp fragrance over the island, just like a spell.

Reaching Capri

All tourists visiting Capri usually arrive at the Marina Grande, Capri's bustling port. A sand and pebble beach sets right next to the port where you may see people playing ball when you arrive. The scene may look tempting but it is despite the least attractive thing that the capricious Capri has to offer.

From the port, a funicular will take you to your hotels. Most hotels are located in Alberghi region of Capri and it is recommended that you choose a hotel close to the port, to avoid the long transit.

Grotta Azzura or the Blue Grotto

Capri's most authentic offering is the Grotta Azzura or the Blue Grotto. It is a sea cave, distinctively illuminated due to the natural architecture of the cave. Visiting Azzura makes you wonder at the amazing things that Mother Nature can do. There are a few similar caves in rest of the world but the one at Capri is the most beautiful.

Swimming while visiting the island of Capri

Capri is located on a rocky coast. The jagged coastline makes Capri unfit for swimming. There are only a few sandy beaches, like the one next to the port. Tourists often opt to swim in their hotel pools.

Bagni Neutno, located near the Blue Grotto is suitable for swimming. You will have to pay a few for using the towels, deck chairs, cabanas and other beachside amenities.

Bagni di Tiberio is another location suited for swimming, at a short walk from an Italian villa.

Capri Vacation Accommodation

Tourism is a leg on which Capri's economy stands, making tourist trapping an almost compulsive behavior of the vendors here. Especialially thronged in the summers, Capri will leave you without a proper accommodation if you arrive without a prior reservation. You can book your hotel through a travel agent or through the Internet.

When visiting Italy, do not forget to set away a few days for a memorable Capri vacation. A remarkable island, with nature's wonders galore, Capri is not a place worth missing.

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