Top 5 Things to Do In Mauritius

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In the warm Indian Ocean and nestled just east of Madagascar is one of the world's hidden gems, Mauritius. This relatively small island is home to beautiful wildlife, amazing shopping, luxurious beaches, and unbeatable nightlife. Holidays to Mauritius will change how any traveler envises the perfect getaway. Here are a few of the attractions that can not be missed on his tropical paradise island:

1. The first thing that anyone will notice during their Mauritius holidays is the awe-inspiring environment. White sand beaches, birds of paradise, and flowers in every color of the rainbow make this island appear whimsical and dreamlike.

2. A guided tour through Casela Nature and Leisure Park is something that just can not be missed when on holidays to Mauritius. This amazing preserved park is home to flora and fauna that can not be found anywhere else in the world.

3. For two of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Mauritius, both Ile aux Cerfs and Trou aux Biches are simply stunning and perfect for a relaxing nap, a romantic meal, or fun with family and friends.

4. Mauritius holidays go hand and hand with superb shopping. The Le Caudan Waterfront complex has redefined being one of itself as one of the best shopping centers on the island.

5. Holidays to Mauritius would not be complete without a seeing and purchasing everything from designer clothing to local artifacts. Grand Baie is another shopping complex which has become a bustling city in and of itself with spectacular cuisines.

Anyone looking for luxury, relaxation, and unparalleled beauty need look no further. Mauritius holidays will no doubt leave a smile on the face of anyone lucky enough to visit the island.

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