Why It Is Important To Sand and Treat Picnic Tables

November 12, 2017   /   byPuget Sound Life  / Categories :  Puget Sound General

Lots of things give people that summer feel especially like the first time you pull out your wooden tables and toss a checkered tablecloth on them. But wooden picnic tables don’t have to be only for the summer time, my family loves sitting outside on our picnic tables throughout most the year. Burgers in the spring, slow grilled ribs in the summer, smoked turkey legs in the fall and bowls of chili cooked on top of an outdoor fire pit in the winter. To be honest we have 3 picnic table sets and since ours were not making from an exotic hardwood like Tigerwood or Ipe… we had to sand them and treat them ourselves. And I can honestly say it was no fun sanding them down and staining them. And if I am being completely honest, I gave up by the middle of the 3rd one, and yes, you can totally notice, my bad.

What is the purpose of sanding down untreated tables anyway?? Sanding down the picnic tables helps to remove, soften and smooth away any sharp pieces of wood that could give you and your family horrible splinters. Sanding down wood is overlooked lots of the time, this will affect the quality of your furniture, also, if you are not taking the time to sand it evenly on all sides you will have a piece of furniture that is noticeably different on one side than the other. Take the time, sand the tops, sides, and seats down properly, it is a pain but will make an incredible difference.

Stains, it’s always good to stain your picnic table, often picnic tables are made with uneven toned wood, staining it will give it a beautiful even color. And once the sanding, staining and sealing are done you always have the option of painting it… My parents have a picnic table they have had for at least 15 years, maybe longer, and when I was growing up I used to ask if we could paint it red white and blue like the flag and they let me. The great thing about wooden picnic tables that you really take care of is that even though 15 years ago I painted some heavy duty red white and blue on there you can’t tell. The must have in the years that followed took the time to sand it back down, seal it and stain it and now it is a beautiful golden brown color. Lol, I wonder what it will look like in another 15, if it was made with Ipe wood I am positive it will still be standing strong!

Why do you have to treat your picnic table?? Well you don’t… unless you hope for it to survive more than just 1 summer or 2. Treating your picnic, taking the steps to sand, stain and seal it properly will ensure you have a beautiful and fun outdoor eating area, especially if you have children, for many years. It will protect from natural wear and tear, weather and even insect infestations.

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